Let Go of What is Keeping You Stuck

There is enormous freedom in letting go.   It is liberating to rid ourselves of beliefs, habits or people that distract us from the right direction in our lives and in our businesses. 

To figure out what you need to let go of- ask yourself these questions: What is holding you back from the success you want? What is holding you back from the happiness you deserve?

Don’t just settle for the quick answers.  Spend some time to go deeper.  Often, the answer lies in uncovering your own beliefs that are keeping you stuck.  For example, are you afraid that you don’t have what it takes to become really successful in this economy?  Do you believe that you don’t need to hire more help, even though you are exhausting yourself, because “I can do it quicker myself”. Do you feel like you are too busy to really enjoy your life?   Are you reluctant to invest in a coach to hold you accountable to goals because you “don’t have the time?”

If you answer yes to any of these self-limiting beliefs, you are keeping yourself stuck.  Until you let go of these beliefs, you will likely continue to hold yourself back and surround yourself with people who also perpetuate these beliefs.  In short, you will continue to stay where you are, in your comfort zone, rather than grow.

On the other hand, if you fully commit to letting go of what is keeping you stuck and you are willing to trust that you can become truly successful as an entrepreneur or business owner, that you can invest in more help (be it an assistant or a coach or both), that you can be highly successful AND balanced AND happy in your daily lifeonly when you allow yourself to believe these truths, will you be able to transcend your self-limiting beliefs and reach your full potential.

Once you let go of your limiting beliefs, you liberate yourself to create new habits and bring in new people who will affirm and support your growth.

Whether you are 25 or 70, or somewhere in between, and regardless of where you are in your business, there is always room for growth.  That is what living a meaningful, fulfilling life is about.

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