The Key to Moving Your Business Forward

As I prepare for another business client to fly into Durham for a full day together, I am pondering what is MOST important for us to work on. As you know, there are many areas of business development- systems, team, the owner’s focus, work-life balance, affordable marketing, and so on.

What happens to so many entrepreneurs is that when you start your business, it is all about how to get clients/customers. Moreover, you have to work outside your areas of “unique abilities” because you cannot afford to hire people.

Then… with a sound business idea and effective low-cost marketing, your business grows. And you hire a little bit. However, you still have your hand in many parts of your business. Sometimes too many parts. Because when you are overwhelmed and doing too much, things just can’t be done well.

If this might be you, two good questions to ask yourself is “Are there things I can do less of so right now so I can do more important things better?” “Where is the wisest use of my time and energy and where can I delegate or systematize more?”

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