Entrepreneurs: One Tip to Move Your Business Forward

Let’s face it. Running a business can be exhausting. You started your business to follow a passion and find freedom. Yet, if you are like most entrepreneurs, there are plenty of times you ask yourself “Where is my freedom?” and “Why am I feeling exhausted….again!?”

One tip to help you move your business forward and diminish overwhelm is to chunk down your to-do list to the THREE things that need to be done to really move your business forward.

For example, the list might be:

1. Let go of X person who no longer serves your business well.
2. Hire a better fit for X position.
3. Add one written system to your Operations Manual- such as a New Potential Client system with step-by-step procedures for how your business attracts and enrolls new clients.

Or it could be 3 entirely different things. You know what is most in need of attention.

As always, getting the help you need to complete the tasks well is paramount.

The beauty is- when you define and complete 3 important tasks, every 3 months, your business runs better, you feel more in control, and you begin to feel more of the freedom and ease you desired in the beginning. And more freedom means more time for healthy exercise, self-care, people you love, and hobbies you enjoy!

Your assignment: Create a mind map of all the things that need to be accomplished in the next year to move your business forward. And then ask yourself, “What are the 3 big things I need to focus on to really move my business forward in the next three months?”

Write them down, put off of all “the rest” for now, and get started. And please consider doing this exercise every 90 days.

Hope this helps!

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