5 Strategies to Scale Your Business and Free Up Time

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“Scaling your business” is essentially implementing strategies to grow your business and increase revenueswithout more of your time. scale-your-business

What I love most about scaling is that it frees up your time to live more of the values that keep you healthy and happy (more quality time with your family or friends, regular exercise, hobbies you enjoy, and so on.)

Every business is different and every business is scalable.  To help you think about your business’
scalability, I am sharing five of the most effective strategies for scaling a small to medium size business:

1. Create an Operations Manual

Before you can truly function or expand in a manner that is efficient and effective, you need an “Operations Manual”- a manual of step-by-step systems and written documentation that explains all the procedures in your business.   It depicts “this is how we do things here”.

I start with this strategy because it is the first common denominator of what every business needs in order to scale well.

An Operations Manual will improve efficiency and ease in your business while reducing stress.  Additionally, it vastly increases your ability to sell your business when you are ready.  Talk about making money with less of your time J

2. Develop your team

Work at least 80% in your “unique abilities”- that intersection of what you love to do and what you are great at doing- and hire others to work in their unique abilities.  Develop the areas in your business that you dislike, that drain you or that you don’t do well- with other people who do it well.

Many of my clients discover that as they hit new levels in their business, some team members are no longer the right-fit for their advancing business. Letting go of some team members and hiring new ones might be important.

Team development is the second common denominator of what every business needs in order to scale.  You will never be able to leverage your time if you are still trying to do too much or don’t have a high functioning team.   You just won’t have the energy, focus, or time to scale.

3. Hire “mini-yous”

Lawyers can hire more lawyers.  Consultants can hire consultants to follow their company’s procedures.  Real estate agents who own their business can hire more real estate agents.  And so on.

The way to leverage this well is to have clear systems and procedures in place, so the new “yous” can be as close to the “real you” as possible.

4. For service-based entrepreneurs- offer “done for you” information

What do you teach or deliver over and over to your customers?

How can you take that knowledge and develop audio, video, or written information that become part of your “signature system” of service?

As you do this, you will find that your business is saving enormous amounts of time, energy and money, by not “reinventing the wheel” each time.

5. Open more stores

If you own a brick and mortar business, once you have clear systems, documented in an Operations Manual,  a high functioning team, and recurring profitability, then opening more stores may be a great option for scaling.

One caution here is that sometimes “enough is enough”.  Think carefully before opening more stores to be sure that “more” is really what you want.

Your Assignment:  What is YOUR next step to scale your business, make more money, and free up some of your time?

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed by this process, you are not alone.  Most entrepreneurs are not wired to do all this on their own, nor do they have the time.  I recommend working with an experienced business coach to help you get there.  The short-term investment is well worth the long-term gain!

Create A New Potential Client System

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BusinessSystems1Just got off the phone creating a “New Client System” with a successful financial advisor in NYC.  We worked on her “enrollment conversation” and the follow-up steps to get more clients.  We thought through typical objectives of her ideal clients and ways to overcome those objectives.  She was thrilled with the end result.

Rather than working on the fly, create templates and firm follow-up systems.  You’ll attract more clients, waste less time, and be a lot more organized and efficient in your business.

Why Balance in Business is Critical

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balance14What is balance?  It’s protecting your time and energy to live your values and take excellent care of yourself.  It’s crucial for real success and it’s the essence of true happiness.  When you don’t have balance in your life – your relationships, your health, and your well-being suffer.  You don’t work as efficiently and effectively.  You burn out.

On the contrary, when you live and work with balance:

  • Your energy and focus improves When you work in balance – with focused segments of 90-120 minutes, followed by a “recovery break” from work, and you stop working at a set time each day to make room for the rest of your life, your work improves.  Your focus sharpens.  You are far more efficient and effective.
  • Your relationships improve. You give more to those you care about. You can listen and empathize better; you are more fun and more engaged- because you can be.  You have the time and energy.
  • Your health and well-being improve. When you regularly include exercise and time to relax and rest, improvements in health and well-being inevitably follow.  I’ve seen back problems, chronic fatigue, depression, and a multitude of other ailments dissipate after balance has been restored.


Clients often come to me imbalanced.  It doesn’t matter if they are new to business or if they have been doing it for 30 years, most of them have not internalized the necessity of balance for success.  Our culture has been training people to trade money for time and to ignore balance for hundreds of years.

It’s time we turn the tides and redefine what success really is.  It’s time to evolve as a culture and celebrate success with balance, rather than just success with money.  One creates happy, healthy, energized human beings with whole lives.  The other does not.

Small Business Success Tip #73

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