A Simple Tip for More Business Success

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At Excelerated Success, we define success as “Doing meaningful work you love and having the time, energy and money to live your values”.  It’s that simple.  It’s not about working all the time in the pursuit of more money or having tons of money, but no time to enjoy it.  It’s about doing work you love (and implementing the strategies, tools, systems, and team to help you actually love your business, rather than be exhausted by it).

And it’s about having the time, energy and resources to live your values.  After all- your values are what you really care about.

This view of success is what makes me happy, my clients happy, and what will make you happy, as well.

GratitudeAnd interestingly, taking the time to express and feel gratitude for your experiences, “things” you care about, and your business progress is essential to your success.  Here’s why:

Research now proves that people who practice gratitude are at least 25% happier than those who don’t.  Being happier is reason enough alone.  But being happier also helps you run your business with more calm, clarity, and energy.

Studies show that those who practice gratitude regularly are considerably more enthusiastic and determined. These are two qualities that help you move your business forward.

Further, research depicts that those who practice gratitude regularly have higher stress resilience and fewer illnesses.

In short, research now proves what we have always known intuitively- a gratitude practice makes you happier, healthier and more productive. It’s a “soft” skill that yields enormous benefits.

So, for December, guess what your assignment is? 🙂

Start a regular practice in gratitude! Every day when you wake up or before bed, write down three things you are grateful for. The big and the small. In your life and in your business. Notice how it makes you feel after. After three weeks, this will be a habit.

And for this month, ask yourself “What have I done in my business this year that I would never have done 3 years ago?”. Make a list and write it down. And celebrate your growth and progress!

If you are someone who knows you won’t do this- consider downloading the Happier App.  It will send you a daily reminder to write down something you are grateful for.

Take the time to notice and appreciate your business growth, as well as the little things you love in your daily life, and be more productive, have more energy, enjoy better health, and feel more warmth in your heart.

Happy Holidays!!

Small Business Success Tip #49

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Excelerated Success Resource- Evernote

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en2Evernote is one of the most well-known online note-taking applications.  Evernote lets you capture a note in any format (handwritten or text meeting notes, web clip of a product review for reference, photo of a receipt, audio file) and have it be accessible and searchable on any laptop, mobile device, or on the web. Evernote lets multiple users collaborate on shared notebooks that can be instantly updated and accessed from the web, desktop, or mobile device.

Entrepreneurs- 3 Tips to Getting Smarter as You Age

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The New York Times recently detailed very specific research on how to strengthen memory and cognitive abilities as we age.  Without conscious intervention, our brains begin to shrink and gradually lose memory at 55. Brain

If there are proven methods to reverse this trend, let’s do it!

Tip #1- Exercise with weights twice a week.  Research has shown that women who do this have less brain shrinkage over time than women who don’t.

Tip #2- Start “brain training games” by age 55.  I have not researched this yet, but there are apparently “brain training” games on the market now.  (I think our kids are playing these on their apps? Surely you know more about this than I do J )  In the very least, staying sharp by studying the NY Times and doing crossword puzzles is beneficial.

Tip #3- Spend time regularly with friends.  People with rich friendships and social connections have less cognitive decline as they age.

Some can be done in work hours (such as exercise breaks and lunches with friends) and some after hours.   And the cool thing is- these simple strategies are totally doable! 

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