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Small Business Success Tip #61

To get more clients – teach people why they need you.  Communicate your value over and over!


Do Your Business “Big Stuff” in the Morning

Morning-CoffeeHave you noticed you have more clarity and energy in the morning? For some of us, it starts early, between 5-7 am and for others, it starts more like 10 am.  Some people, a minority, have the most energy and clarity in the afternoon.

Whenever your brain and energy works best, you want to be focusing on the Big Stuff to move your business forward. (Things like big-picture marketing and business planning, writing, brainstorming, creative tasks that require brain power, and so on). Also, don’t be afraid to take a 20-minute meditation/nap in the afternoons- research shows it revives you and re-energizes you.

Harness your energy and brain power while you got it!

Business Quote #24

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” -Mark Twainmark-twain

5 Quick Tips for a Low-Stress, High-Profit Business

As you know by now, owning your own business has its stressful moments.

But the truth is… running your own business does not need to be chronically stressful. And, as long as you are offering something that people want, and you follow the tips below, increased profits follow.

Consider these tips to decrease stress and improve profits:

#1- Streamline your business and create your Operations Manual. 


Document all the systems and processes in your business. Get them in writing and create your “Operations Manual”- a manual, essentially, of “this is how we do things here”. Systems vary depending on the business but typically include daily operations, new potential client system (including follow-up), client care, and team communication.

I also encourage my clients to put team job descriptions in their Operations Manual and update them as the business grows.

Clarifying who does what and who reports what, to whom, when and how, is critical for a low-stress business that runs well. And profits increase because your business runs better and you stop the money leaks that are a result of  the chronic “dropping the ball” that is inevitable without clear step-by-step systems.

Update your systems regularly as your business advances.

#2- Work in your Unique Abilities at least 80% of the time.  

Ideally, the vast majority of your time is spent in your “Unique Abilities”- that intersection of what you love to do and what you are great at doing.

Automate or delegate what you dislike, aren’t good at, or just don’t have time to do well. Not only will you be less stressed, and happier, your profits will increase because you are working where you shine and building upon your natural strengths.

#3– Develop a consistent marketing system.

The key word here is “consistent”. It’s easy to slack off on marketing when business is busy. But, then the slow periods return, and profits plummet, partly because marketing was dropped.

Work with your coach to develop a system for 12 months of low-cost marketing that your business will implement no matter what.

And remember, it’s far better to do 3-4 marketing strategies consistently, (writing blogs, attending networking events or trade shows, inviting good referral sources to coffee, following up with past clients, sending out warm letters, Instagram, Google Adwords, etc.) and do them well than to dabble in 7 or 8 inconsistently.

#4– Work the hours you want to work and take the vacations you want to take. 

Breaks and vacations rejuvenate you and are critical for your happiness and success. You feel better. You are more energized. You think better. I am thrilled that one of my clients just left for France for 2 weeks and is not remotely worried about her business while she is gone.

Once you have followed tips 1, 2 and 3- this one is much more attainable.

#5– Encourage a business culture of living and working in balance.

Whether you have one assistant or 20 employees- if your team is stressed out and overworked on a regular basis, systems fail. Balls are dropped. Energy plummets. People are miserable. The business suffers.

Who wants THAT?

Try yoga. Give massages. Test out new forms of exercise. Encourage healthy living and regular breaks for yourself and everyone on your team. The physical, emotional and financial gains of living and working in balance are enormous.

I hope these quick tips have helped shift you in a good direction. Even just one “aha” moment, however brief, is beneficial. Be sure to implement that “aha” moment. We grow in small, incremental steps.

And if you decide you would like help implementing these tips, send an email to Someone on my team will set us up to have a “get acquainted call”. Together we can determine if I am a good fit for your needs.
As someone who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow sustainable businesses and enjoy quality lives- if I can help you out, I would be delighted.

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