Small Business Success Tip #59

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What Do You Need To Let Go Of- To Move Forward in Your Business – Part 1

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A Buddhist principle states, “Learn to let go.  That is the key to happiness.”

Learning what you need to let go of in business is essential not only to your financial success, but to your happiness as well.

Here are some areas where you might need to “let go” in order to move forward, with enjoyment:

#1)  Let go of allowing “mistakes” to defeat you.let go1

Things happen for a reason.  It’s our duty to take a step back, learn the lesson from the “mistake, and incorporate what we’ve learned.  Mistakes are an opportunity for growth.

As an example – a personal stylist client of ours recently felt defeated when she wasn’t attracting the clients she wanted through the internet.   Once she took a step back, and realized that her real power was in live events and joint ventures with boutiques and companies, her entire mindset shifted in the direction it needed to.  She is now on target to make a whole lot more money, with much greater joy in how she spends her time.  She let go of feeling defeated by a masked “mistake” and learned the lesson that propelled her forward.

#2) Let go of allowing fear to stop you in your tracks.

We ALL have fears and doubts.  They take us to a crossroads where we can either hold ourselves back or courageously push through our fear and enjoy freedom and success on the other side.

When you feel fear and doubt, ask yourself- What do I need to trust here so I can push past this fear?  Then, go to that trust, keep marching forward, and ask your coach for support.  Inevitably, if you hang in there when you feel fear or anxiety, a breakthrough is just around the corner!

Come back next Thursday for the last two things to let go of.

Small Business Success Tip #58

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Qualities of a Good Operations Manual

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In the last blog, we talked about the benefits of having an operations manual for your business. (Check out the post if you missed it!) Today, we’ll examine the qualities of an effective manual.

to do omIn order to serve your team well, an operations manual needs to:

  • Clarify roles and duties pertaining to specific tasks, while providing team members with detailed information that helps them do their jobs well.
  • Be comprehensive, yet not overbearing – it should contain important details, but not so much that your team feels bogged down.
  • Eliminate the need for team members to ask you basic questions.
  • Be regularly updated so that obsolete information is removed, and new procedures are added quickly, ensuring the document remains relevant and fresh.
  • Be well-written and well-organized.
  • Be concise and easy to read – instructions should be clear and straightforward.


A manual is a constant work in progress, ever-changing as your business evolves. So don’t expect to ever have a “perfect” or a final draft. Just keep the material updated and your business will improve.

Need help writing or revising your ops manual? One of the many ways we help our clients is by helping them craft an effective operations manual. If you are interested, contact us at to schedule a free consultation.

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