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A Note From Bria – Getting the Creative Juices Flowing

I just finished a fabulous “private writing retreat” at the Washington Duke Inn, the elegant hotel that is also the location of our EXCEL business-building and marketing event in November. I needed some time alone- away from our children, my lovely spouse, emails, phone calls, business requests, family obligations etc. (you get the picture:)

I was able to write content for EXCEL, including our brand NEW “12 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs” which I will reveal at EXCEL and I LOVE. They are the habits of how to be REALLY successful in business – based on tons of research, as well as the business experience of ourselves over the past 18 years, of our clients, and of our mentors. It’s tremendous- and it wouldn’t be in existence, truly, if I hadn’t carved out the 24 hours of complete silence to unlock my brainpower and creative juices.

There is NOTHING like departing from your daily environment and routines to get the BIG stuff accomplished. I also returned to “the daily routines” with renewed energy and excitement- which leads to more joy in business and in life.

This is why we recommend personal, private retreats to our clients and we always include retreats in our Platinum and Diamond coaching programs. They are not “private” but they are a separation from the daily grind and a catalyst for much BIGGER thinking.

Be the Forward-Thinker in Your Industry

Think outside the box, be creative, and trust your intuition to become the forward-thinker in your industry. Even if it takes you on a less traveled path. This philosophy may not be the most conventional, but it is definitely the most fulfilling. And conventional methods do not necessarily yield the greatest returns.

Taking risks, being uniquely yourself, is what being an entrepreneur is all about. The benefits of finding new opportunities and following your intuition are tremendous.

Some powerful examples in the recent media reinforce the concept of taking the time and making the effort to think creatively and unconventionally. If you want to separate your business from the competition- muster up the courage to stand out.

Let these success stories inspire you:

Mike Galgon is a modern day maverick and creative thinker – an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. Like most business owners, he has experienced the highs of success and lows of failure. After the rise and fall of his online marketing business, Mike still felt there was a strong need for his services in this industry. He saw opportunity where others saw obstacles. He co-founded a new company and in 2007 sold it to Microsoft for $6,000,000,000 in cash. That is not a typo… 6 billion dollars. The right mindset and trusting your instincts can mean the difference between sinking or swimming. (**Note: Mike Galgon will be speaking in Durham, NC at EXCEL in November if you are interested in learning more about the power of having the right mindset.).

In a recent New York Times article, in an effort to boost sales, the department store giant Nordstrom has implemented a nontraditional approach in a very traditional industry. They have linked the entire company’s store inventory to the web and given access to the consumer. So, for example, If the online inventory does not have a particular handbag, the system will search the entire 115 stores, find the handbag, and send it to the customer. Results were immediate. On the first day of implementing this new strategy, the percentage of customers that purchased a product after searching online doubled and have remained at that level. Same store sales are up 8% over last year, inventory has been reduced, and they have attracted new paying customers.

Lesson: Opportunities are often in front of you. Listen, pay attention, get creative and be persistent to get results.

Take some extended time for personal reflection and answer these questions:

  1. What opportunities are in front of you that you haven’t been able to see?
  2. What is a need out there that is not being met- that you can satisfy?
  3. How can you creatively do something better than it’s been done before?

Your answers will help YOU become the forward-thinker in your industry and ultimately lead to greater success.

Couple Entrepreneurs Enjoy More Success and More Freedom

Couples who work together, when done the right way, make more money and enjoy more freedom in their lives. They have much more flexibility and time for what matters most to them. Want to learn how?

Join us for this free teleseries- How to Work Together as a Couple AND Thrive In Your Business — Without Wanting to Kill Each Other!- where Mark and I reveal our secrets for how to thrive working together. I also interview successful business couples Fabienne and Derek Fredrickson and Kendall SummerHawk and Richard Shapiro on the keys to their success as couples in business.

It starts tomorrow at 12:00 ET and runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at noon. If you miss it, we send you the recording and urge you to listen soon. Join us here:

Enjoy! And let us know what you think after the telesummit!

A Note From Bria

We are just back from a platinum retreat in Arizona where entrepreneurs shared openly their struggles and successes in this economy. As Diamond level guests at this event, Mark and I both loved participating and connecting with some phenomenal entrepreneurs. There is nothing like a live event for real breakthroughs and real connections.

And as I celebrate my birthday today with my loving husband and children, I am struck by how many powerful Leos I’ve heard about lately – Barack Obama and Ali Brown as examples (both share my birthday week). If left to our own devices, we Leos show up in pretty big ways. And as I’ve “stepped into my power”, I’ve had to let go of caring what others think about my innate boldness.

Yet, as a sensitive soul, I had allowed the reactions of others to my ambition, drive, and my say-it-as-I-see-it personality, kept me small for decades.

No longer. It has helped that my life partner of 22 years (that would be Mark) fully supports and loves who I am and is not threatened by my success. It has helped that I’ve integrated the truth about boundaries – that others’ reactions to us are really not about us, they are about them. And it has helped that my Diamond level colleagues, two lovely women, are not threatened by my success, just as I am not threatened by theirs. (In fact, we are thrilled for each other!)

Are you holding yourself back out of concern for other people’s opinions about you?

When your driving force is the opinion of others, you aren’t showing up authentically. And when you aren’t showing up authentically, you aren’t growing, you aren’t living fully, and you certainly aren’t thriving. And you NEED to thrive!

So, for my birthday present, what I want is for women to agree to stop competing and comparing. Instead let’s all agree to stand tall in our brilliance and support others in theirs. In this way, we can all grow, prosper, thrive, and change the world for the better. And THAT makes me happy!

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