Two Killer Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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I’ve seen entrepreneurs make two big mistakes that lead to failure.   I want to warn you about them so you don’t make them yourself. mistake

#1- Forgetting how important customer service is. Customer service is THE most important part of your business.  Especially in this economy, If your customers don’t see you as going above and beyond to provide exceptional service, they will go elsewhere. 

#2- Inconsistent marketing. Many small business owners only market when business is slow.  This is a mistake.  You want to keep a consistent funnel of prospective clients and customers.  When you get too many customers, it’s time to streamline your business and figure out ways to clone yourself.  That is good thing!  And, it’s far better than having your customer base dry up because you slacked off with marketing. 

Maintain the best customer service and develop a system for consistent marketing.  You’ll be glad you did! 

Small Business Success Tip #69

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Entrepreneurs – What Are Your Objections Teaching You?

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Summer slows down most businesses.

Rather than freak out in slow times… try to see slower times for what they are- an excellent opportunity to learn from your prospects’ objections, see the bigger picture, and make some critical business decisions.

In the sluggishness of summer, ask yourself:

What are your prospective clients objections teaching you?

Now, before you can answer these questions, you need to know what the typical objections ARE. This information is understood best early on, after prospects are hesitant to invest.

A common objection many of my clients hear is “Your services (or products) are too expensive”. If this is a chronic objection for you, ask yourself:

valueAre there creative ways you can add more value?

This is often my favorite solution for clients. Creating written tips to hand out, combining services into a packaged format, and clarifying all the benefits of your services are some examples. (Business owners often forget all the benefits of their services. Think through them, write them out, and be sure your prospects hear them every time!)

Can you add more services that appeal to your target market?

Rather than try to guess what your prospects want, consider putting together a casual focus group or sending a survey to your email list to gather accurate data. What do your prospects want- that they are willing to pay for? Are there new ways you can deliver their needs to them?

Do you need to offer a better payment plan?

Many people right now are wanting to spend less and save more. Whereas I always believe in some payment up front, and all payment before the end of services, there are likely ways you can spread out a payment plan for good prospects who truly need it.

And finally, do you need to lower your prices?

This is my least favorite option for clients, but sometimes it needs to happen. The market bares what the market bares. And every market is different. If your prices are above others in your market place, and you are out of options for adding value or other services, then you might need to lower your prices. If you choose this option, please work with your coach or mentor to ensure that your business remains profitable.

I hope these tips have been helpful. The deepest wisdom is often found in the quietest moments

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at Enjoy the final days of this beautiful summer!

Small Business Success Tip #68

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