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Who We Are

We are a consulting and coaching firm for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to run profitable, sustainable businesses while enjoying their lives at the same time.  By helping you connect with your values, inside and outside of business, and streamline your processes, we help you reclaim your passion for your business and for your life.

What We Do

We help you develop a more efficient, easier to run business

We facilitate the streamlining of your systems, elevation of your team, and honing of your focus, so your business runs better- with less of your time. Improved processes and attentive accountability creates more efficiency and profits, as well as a much happier business owner!

We help you live life on your own terms

You went into business for yourself to do what you love and live a life you have always dreamed of. It is our mission to help you attain that vision.

Why Choose Us

The Founder and principle coach/consultant, Bria Simpson, MA, has owned several businesses, managed a mid-size team, served as a family therapist, engaged in extensive business coach training, and has coached or taught hundreds of entrepreneurs.  As a published author and business coach, she has been featured on over 25 radio shows and in dozens of magazines and newspapers. As someone who lives a passionate, balanced life herself, Bria helps you expand your vision for your business and your life, and then create and follow a clear path to get there.

Limited Number of Private Clients

We maintain a limited number of private clients to give you the individual attention you deserve.  Through a combination of live sessions, coaching calls, and system creation,  we build upon everything you’ve accomplished up until now.  Bria offers you the training, guidance, accountability and support you need to grow a sustainable business and enjoy a quality life.